Protection Racket 9022-01 Drum Mat marker set

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Speed up your set-up with these coloured velcro markers. Mark out the places where your stands, bass drum and hi-hat need to go and you’ll never have to waste time making endless adjustments in future. Even better, once the markers are in place you can leave someone else to set up your kit while you go and relax. Mark your matt in minutes with no tools required and no weight added to matt. Minor adjustments can be made in seconds. – Simple, discreet andamp; easy to use.Features:30 x velcro stand feet markers numbered 1-10 (3 of each) 10 x velcro stand markers numbered 1-10 2 x velcro bass drum markers and 1 x hi-hat marker No tools required No weight added to mat Minor adjustment in seconds

  • Mark your mat and stands in minutes, no tools required, no weight added to mat, minor adjustments can be made in seconds.
  • Each pack contains 30 x stand feet markers and 10 corresponding stand markers.
  • 2 x bass drum pedal and 1 x hi-hat stand markers also included.

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