Cobra Padded 8 Piece Drum Set Bags - 10mm foam for extra protection

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8 Piece Padded Drum Bag Set
3 Tom Tom Bags
1 Bass Drum Bag
1 Snare Drum Bag
1 Cymbal Bag
1 Stick Bag
Hardware Bag
10mm Foam Lining
Heavy Duty

An 8 piece drum set bag kit to accomodate the most popular size of drums. This set includes kick drum, high tom, middle tom, floor tom, snare drum, sticks, cymbals and hardware bags. Each bag is made from heavy duty material with 10mm padding, double zip, a strong carry handle and rubber feet. A good alternative to hard cases without the added weight or cost. An affordable low cost set for all drummers that want to store and transport there kit.

Why Choose Cobra Case?
Cobra case have a longstanding reputation as a reliable, robust, flightcase and protective bag manufacturer for the stage and entertainment industry.

We understand that the money invested in expensive equipment can be substantial and therefore it makes complete sense to protect your equipment wherever possible, be that in storage or in transit! Well protected equipment will last much longer and we are true believers that spending a little extra on a protective case or bag could well save you having to spend out again on replacing damaged equipment!. The cases and bags are well finished with tough hardware, zips and handles, giving not only the ultimate protection but a professional look time after time.

Cobra Padded Equipment Bags
Our protective bags offer a flexible and lightweight option to carry or store your equipment. Designed by the very people who use them in the field, they use 600 denier fabric, strong number 8 zips, and reinforced carry handles for use on the road. Whether it is a bag to protect your expensive drums or piece of delicate audio equipment, a Cobra bag will help you keep all of your equipment tidy, safe and ready to use. Plus their uses extend far beyond the stage and entertainment industry, with a multitude of shapes and sizes available they ca

  • 8 Piece Padded Drum Bag Set
  • 3 Tom Tom Bags
  • 1 Bass Drum Bag
  • 1 Snare Drum Bag
  • 1 Cymbal Bag

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