Thomson Luggage Allowance FAQ

6th October 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Thomson

Thomson Luggage Allowance FAQ

Thomson Luggage Allowance FAQ – If you’re travelling with Thomson, you’ll probably want to know what sort of luggage allowance they give their passengers. The Thomson luggage allowance might be one of the key factors in deciding who you take your holiday with!

Thomson luggage allowances can vary from holiday to holiday, so you’ll need to make sure you read your booking information carefully. For package holidays, the general rule is that you’re allowed 15kg checked in luggage per person, although there are a few exceptions when you’re allowed a more general 20kg allowance. This should be clearly stated at the time of booking.Thomson Luggage Allowance FAQ

The Thomson cabin bag allowance remains the same as most airlines – one piece of hand luggage, up to 5kg, with a maximum size of 55 x 40 x 20cm to allow it to fit into the overhead storage compartment. As with the checked in luggage, a few holidays will allow a more generous 7kg, but with the same dimensions. This will be clearly stated when you book. Remember that this allowance has to cover everything you take on board, including handbag, laptop and any duty free purchases.

If you’re flying on a flight-only basis, things are a bit different. The hand luggage limit is the same as it is for the package holidays. If you want to check in your bags, you must do that as a chargeable extra at the time of booking your flight. It’s cheaper to do this before you fly than it is at the airport.

Want to take a bit more luggage? Take an upgrade to Thomson’s “Premium Club” at the time of booking and you’ll get a larger allowance of 23kg for checked in luggage and 7kg for hand luggage. You can also pay for extra luggage at the time of booking, or through the Flight Extras website.

If you’re travelling with babies, any infant under the age of two gets a 10kg luggage allowance, and your pushchair will be checked in for free, as long as you’re travelling on a Thomson Airways plane.

Groups travelling together can share their luggage allowance, but remember that each individual bag is still subject to a 23kg limit.

Sports holidays obviously come with special requirements. Standard ski holidays come with a 20kg checked in luggage limit and a 5kg hand luggage limit. Premium holidays are 23kg checked in luggage and 7kg hand luggage. Thomson recommends separate sports equipment insurance, with all equipment secured in a zipped, padlocked bag.

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