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5th October 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Thomas Cook

Exploring Thomas Cook cabin bag allowances

When travelling by plane, there’s plenty to consider before you even reach the airport. One such thing is your luggage: nobody wants to get to the airport and realise that their bags are too big, or that they’re too heavy and excess baggage fees are charged. If you’re flying with Thomas Cook, it pays to learn what’s allowed and what’s not well in advance, especially when it comes to carry on luggage. Different airlines have different restrictions: here’s what’s what when it comes to Thomas Cook cabin bag allowances.

Standard allowances

When it comes to the standard Thomas Cook cabin bag allowance, all customers can take one bag weighing 6kg maximum (or 10kg for those flying Premium Class). The maximum size is 55cm by 40cm by 20cm – and for children, Trunki cases are allowed.

In addition to the standard Thomas Cook cabin bag size, each traveller can also take one additional item from a defined list, as follows:

– An overcoat or blanket
– A laptop
– A small ladies’ handbag/small wrist-bag/small bag with shoulder strap
– An umbrella
– A small camera or binocular
– Assisted devices for those with disabilities
– Reasonable reading material for the flight
– Duty free goods purchased post-security
– Infant food to be consumed during the flight

Gate bag charges

At some airports in the UK, charges for Thomas Cook cabin bags that don’t fall under the above classifications may be applied: if hand luggage levels are too great, the extra items will be taken to the hold and an additional fee of £50 for short haul flights, £60 for medium haul and £70 for long haul flights will be charged.

Carrying items for infants

While infants are given 10kg of checked-in baggage, they have no hand luggage allowance when flying with Thomas Cook. Baby food or milk should be carried in your own hand luggage – as long as it meets the 6kg maximum weight restriction – and will need to be scanned separately when going through security. Any liquid food would need to be in a clear plastic bottle, and would also potentially be tasted for security reasons.

Children’s medicines should also be packed in your hand luggage and Thomas Cook recommend that you should take enough not only for the time it should take to get to your destination, but for an extra day too. All medical supplies that are carried will need an accompanying medical certificate.

Luggage for weddings

If you’re travelling abroad on a Thomas Cook wedding package and are flying with them too, you’ll be pleased to know that the cabin bag allowance is 11kg per person – for the happy couple only, not guests. This must be packed in 2 bags: one weighing a maximum of 6kg, the other 5kg, and with the same maximum dimensions as mentioned above.

While the Thomas Cook cabin baggage rules may seem complex, they’re certainly worth brushing up on before you travel to save any upset or stress at the airport.

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