Ryanair cabin bag allowances faq

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Time spent on a plane can be rather dull and uninteresting after take-off, even on relatively short flights. Taking some form of entertainment (such as a book, magazine or electronic gadget) on board in your hand luggage can make the time pass much quicker. Taking expensive items or possessions of sentimental value on board with you can also put your mind at rest and help you to relax knowing that there is no possibility that these belongings will be lost en route. Hand luggage can also be used to pack essential items of clothing, either to avoid the need to check any luggage into the cargo hold (if you are planning only a short trip) or to ensure that you have at least a change of clothes in case there is a delay in your suitcases reaching you at your destination.

Each airline has different regulations about what you can take on board as hand luggage, so check your airline’s cabin bag allowances before you pack.

Ryanair cabin bag allowances

The Ryanair cabin bag allowance is straightforward: you are allowed to take on board a cabin bag weighing up to 10kg (measuring 55cm x 40cm x 20cm) and one smaller bag (measuring up to 35cm x 20cm x 20cm). Unfortunately, the cabin area will only hold up to a maximum of 90 cabin bags and sometimes this can mean that not every passenger will be allowed to take their cabin bag on board. If you are not permitted to take your cabin bag on board with you, it will be carried free of charge in the cargo hold. You can avoid this risk by buying Priority Boarding.

Each passenger aged 2 years and over can have their own Ryanair cabin bag allowance. Babies younger than 2 years travelling on their parent’s lap will not be given an allowance.

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It is important that you measure and weigh your cabin bag and smaller bag carefully (taking care to include any handles or wheels etc.) because any overweight or over-sized hand luggage will either not be permitted at all, or will have to be put in the cargo hold, for which you will be charged £50. There is a gauge for you to check your hand luggage before you pass through security, to give you the opportunity to make sure it will be accepted without extra charge. To avoid disappointment and inconvenience at the check-in desk, plan ahead by buying an approved Ryanair cabin bag that has been measured and specially designed to fit into the overhead compartments on these flights.

Ryanair cabin bags

If you are nervous about whether your hand luggage is the correct size, you can buy an approved Ryanair cabin bag, which is guaranteed to be accepted aboard all Ryanair flights (you will still have to ensure that it weighs 10kg or less).

Special items

If you have a special item of luggage (such as a wedding dress, for example), and if it complies with the Ryanair cabin bag size and weight limits, you can carry it on as part of your hand luggage. However, if you do not want it to be stored in the overhead compartments or beneath a seat, you can book an extra seat and place your item on that seat for the duration of the journey.

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