Jet2 cabin bag allowances faq

5th October 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ British Airways,Jet2

When travelling by plane, you might have suitcases that need to be checked-in and put in the plane’s cargo hold, but you may also wish to carry some items on board with you. Your hand luggage might simply include items that will make your journey more pleasant, such as books, games or snacks, or you might use your cabin bag allowance to carry on board more delicate or treasured items (such as a musical instrument or even a wedding dress). Whatever you wish to carry on board, you must stick to the prescribed hand luggage size, weight and content restrictions set by your airline, and each airline has different rules.

Jet2 cabin bag allowance

With Jet2, cabin bags must weigh no more than 10kg and measure no more than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. It is really important that you weigh and measure your Jet2 cabin bag before you travel, taking account of any appendages such as wheels, pouches or handles and including them in your measurements. The measurements are precise, and if your bag is larger than the maximum dimensions it will not fit in the overhead compartment.

In addition to your cabin bag, Jet2 will allow you to take on board one small piece of hand luggage (such as a handbag, a duty free bag or laptop bag). This must be stored beneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment, and if it is too large to do so, staff at the check-in desk or on the flight may refuse to allow you to keep it with you.

Jet2 Cabin Bags

If your Jet2 cabin bag is too large or too heavy, you will need to check it into the cargo hold and will have to pay a fee of £45 to do so. You can only check in a maximum of 3 bags into the cargo hold, up to 66kg in total (22kg per bag) for each paying customer. Rather than risk incorrectly measuring your existing cabin luggage, consider investing in an approved Jet2 cabin bag that has the correct dimensions. If your child needs a collapsible pram/pushchair or car seat, this must be checked into the cargo hold and cannot be taken on board. If these items weigh less than 10kg you will not have to pay any excess baggage charge.

The Jet2 cabin bag allowances may be more generous if the flight is not full (at the discretion of the Jet2 staff), but do not rely on this: always check the weight and measurements before you travel, and check the restrictions on what can and cannot be legally carried on board.

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