EasyJet cabin baggage allowances faq

5th October 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Easyjet

EasyJet baggage allowances – If you have a trip planned soon, flying with low-cost carrier easyJet, you’ll no doubt be looking forward to travelling.

One of the questions passengers often ask is about the easyJet cabin baggage allowance.

In particular, people often ask how many easyJet cabin bags are permitted, since taking bags on board where possible is clearly quicker, easier and cheaper than checking in luggage which you then have to wait for at the other end, when you want to just be on our way out of the airport.

Every passenger on an easyJet flight is allowed to carry on a single item in their easyJet cabin bag allowance.

It will be checked for size before you board with a special gauge. Its measurements must be 56x45x25cm, and that needs to include any wheels and handles. The good news is that easyJet cabin bags have no weight restrictions as long as they fit in the overhead locker, and you are able to remove them again easily.

Easyjet Cabin Bag Allowance

If the bag is too big, you will need to check it in, and you will be charged for doing this.

Additionally, you can take on a small bag that fits under your seat, like a laptop bag or a handbag. The dimensions of this cabin bag can be up to 45x36x20cm.

It’s also fine to have things like coats, shawls and umbrellas, walking aids like sticks and crutches, and a duty free goods carrier bag.

For passengers taking on board medical equipment such as wheelchair parts, locker space will be prioritised.

Because overhead locker space is first come, first served, once these are taken, you will have to check your bags, but easyJet cabin baggage allowance sizes still apply.

Easyjet Cabin Bags

Unsurprisingly, dangerous items like explosives, knives and other sharp objects and radioactive materials cannot be taken on your flight. The easyJet website has an up to date list for your reference.

Travelling with a child younger than two? You can also carry on a small baby changing bag. If the infant has their own seat, they also have their own separate baggage allowance, while easyJet Plus, Upfront/Extra Legroom passengers and those who’ve bought a Flexi fare have an extra under seat allowance of one bag.

Remember that liquids must be carried in see-through plastic bags and in bottles no larger than 100ml and you can have up to 10 100ml containers in a single plastic bag.

E-cigarettes and cigarettes can be carried, but of course, you are forbidden from using or smoking them on board.

Finally, special rules apply to musical instruments – check the easyJet website for further details.

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