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Airline Luggage – Whether you are travelling for business or for pleasure, the luggage you take with you needs to be functional, sturdy and smart. Samsonite Lite Shock Airline LuggageIt also needs to be the right size – not only to accommodate your belongings, but also to meet the strict requirements of any airline if you are travelling by plane. Below, you can find details of a range of suitcases, backpacks, cabin bags and luggage accessories that will enable you to avoid the unnecessary delay and expense associated with excess baggage, and help you to travel in comfort and style.


However careful airport staff may be, the fact is that they handle thousands of items of airline luggage each day and have to do so as quickly and efficiently as possible. To ensure that your belongings remain safe and protected, invest in suitcases that have tough exteriors to maintain their shape. Modern suitcases are designed to be strong, yet they use modern, lightweight materials that make them easy for you to carry; their carefully-placed wheels also make transporting your cases easier than ever.

Luggage Sets

If you are travelling with your family, a luggage set is a good option: you can choose from a wide range of luggage sets that offer different combinations of bags, such as different-sized suitcases or suitcases coupled with coordinating cabin bags. A good travel tip is to use one suitcase per person travelling, but share your belongings between each bag – that way, if one suitcase were to go missing en route, at least you will all still have some clothing and toiletries for your trip. There are also luggage sets available for young children, to encourage them to be responsible for their belongings and get them excited about the trip!

IT Luggage

‘IT luggage’ is a worldwide brand famous for delivering style, functionality and cost-effectiveness in its range of luggage. With a wide range of colours and materials to choose from, IT Luggage offers real choice if you are considering buying anything from a single backpack or cabin bag up to a complete luggage set.

Cabin Bags and Backpacks

Space on board an aircraft is very limited and all airlines have limits on what each passenger can take into the cabin with them. Typically, they will specify exact dimensions for cabin bags (that have to be stored in the overhead lockers) and additional, smaller bags (such as backpacks) that have to be stored beneath the seats.

Arriving at the check-in desk with cabin luggage that is too large will result in you being asked to add it to the bags you are checking in to the cargo hold, which would not only cause you considerable inconvenience but could also lead to excess baggage charges being applied. To avoid this hassle, choose an approved cabin bag or backpack that has the correct dimensions and ensure that you do not over-pack it in a way that will distort its shape and size.

Luggage Scales

Airlines have strict limits on the weight of bags you can check into the cargo hold, and sometimes of the bags you take into the cabin with you. Checking your bags on the scales at the airport may be too late – you could face excess baggage fees or have to leave something behind. Luggage scales are inexpensive and are an easy way to check the weight of your luggage against the limits set by your own airline before you leave the house. Always read the reviews for luggage scales to make sure other customers are happy with the accuracy of the product, always calibrate luggage scales to avoid excess baggage charges.

Travel Locks

Once your luggage is out of your sight, a simple travel lock can give you great peace of mind. A combination lock or traditional padlock is an inexpensive way to secure your belongings against theft, and can prevent your bags from accidentally opening when being handled by airport staff.

Money Clips

These are a discreet way of carrying your money and allow quick, easy access to your cash. You can also use them to carry your travel cards or tickets without having to fish around in your wallet each time you are asked to produce them. They are available in a range of designs and can even be personalised.